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nexus of ideas and opportunities

Welcome to Pitchel

A platform where ideas become action streams, leveraging possibilities, birthing novel and unparalleled ventures.

In a world where innovation and technology are the source of success, Pitchel is the key that unlocks this source for you.

Do you like the idea?

All you need to do is like it and contact the founders in one click for further communication right in the app.

On the Pitchel platform,

each startup can post a video presentation of its project, explaining the main idea, and investors can watch these video presentations in a convenient scrolling format.

Shape your tomorrow today.

Share ideas and uncover opportunities with us.

nexus of ideas and opportunities

Got an idea that not only deserves an audience but global recognition?

Or perhaps, you aspire to emulate the success stories of Top startups?

Let Pitchel be the place where your project starts its story. With us, you can effectively present your idea to potential investors by shooting a video and uploading it to the platform.

We are happy to help you with this without unnecessary bureaucracy and unnecessary actions. All you need to do is download the app, register your startup, and leave all the necessary information for investors.

Your idea has been waiting for you!

Your idea has been waiting for you!

Fill out the form and leave information about your project to be the first on Pitchel.

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nexus of ideas and opportunities

Do you want to be an investor

who will become part of the success of a promising startup?

Let Pitchel become a platform that will give you an investment project that will bring you profit and allow you to help promising founders realize innovations that may change the future.

All you need to do is download the app, register, and carefully review projects so you don't miss yours.

Give capital the opportunity to turn into something more

Download The App, Sign up, and Spend Your Time Fruitfully.

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Are you on your way to launching a startup or just looking for new ideas and inspiration?

Pitchel offers you a vast realm of inspiration!

Perhaps the idea you stumble upon will become your life's calling.

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We are here to be your bridge from idea to investment. Realizing a startup, finding cool investment ideas, investing in promising projects.

Opportunities are closer than you think

Your smartphone and the Pitchel app are the key to your opportunities. Download the App on iOS or Android and get constant access to trends in the world of startups, attracting investors, and finding interesting projects.

Video presentation of the project

Here you can present your project in a convenient format. Just shoot a video with the main idea of your startup, publish it on the platform for potential investors to see and familiarize themselves with.

Inspiration and idea exchange

Are you just on the way to creating a startup and looking for a place of inspiration? Registration at Pitchel is an opportunity to keep abreast of all the trends in the startup world, see other people's ideas and interest in them, communicate with like-minded people, and start your journey.

Quick registration with no extra steps

Join the platform and opportunities in minutes without lengthy registrations. All you need is an email, a name, and a strong password.

Global accessibility

Present your ideas without geographical barriers and access promising startups right from your phone.

Streamlined interactions

A straightforward app interface allows for efficient project presentation, detailed views, and hassle-free peer interactions.